Monday, August 31, 2009

Mysore Mallige Scandal

Today, an unfortunate day in my life, where in I am very much ashamed of my self. As usual, I am a 25 year old guy who is grown as per the society norms. I started viewing porn sites at the age of 20. I am not a open kind of person, who can discuss regarding the sex even with my friends. I used to watch the illegal content in the website every now and then. All the content watched used to be the professional porn workers. I just felt that there is no wrong if the persons knew what they are doing. As long as they are responsible for publishing/releasing the video and the persons who act have given a consent in what ever situation it may be, it is perfect. But, it is very ridiculous to watch a video of a person who are shooted illegally.

After seeing the Mysore Mallige scandal video, I was almost into my tears. Look at the innocent face of the girl. The unshameful person who released the video to the public, should be shot. If it was a close relative of his, still would be release the video. And it is the people who should be ashamed off, who ever has encouraged it. I am not saying that watching porn is wrong, My only concern is don't encourage this kind of private videos. It was completely a personal enact.

Guys please.... start thinking. What should have happened to the entire family after coming to know about this. Can the girl still walk in this society with her head up. Every one is only of the asumption that what would I harm if I watch the video. Drops can make a ocean. Each one one's he feels responsible towards the society, stop watching or encouraging these kind of stuff.

As an initial act, from today I stop all the activities that harm the society directly or indirectly.


  1. True.. Wel said mate... My frnds were speaking abt it today and i didnt noe anything abt it until i researched..
    porn video shot by a young Kannadiga who is shown spending time with his girlfriend in a hotel/lodge. The two (at the time the video was made) were supposed to be students from Mandya, though there are a million theories about their identities, and also about their fate once the video found its way into the porn market. Some say they committed suicide, some say they were killed, some say they are married and settled in the US. If you Google up ‘Mysore Mallige’, the maximum number of search results would be related to this video and only a few to the famous poet or director. Sex sells, after all — a point that was driven hard into me during my return journey to Chennai.
    ack :
    Thats all i can say... trying google searching it :(

  2. yes man .. its sad indeed.
    1) they have to get marry
    2) change their name
    3) settle in other country
    4) change their hair style
    5) change their dressing style
    6) never ever keep any contacts with their friends/family/relatives.

  3. My question why it is not removed from porn sites??????

  4. well..first of all...whos idea was it to tape it...they decided to do it...and that sweet innocent girl by the way had no probs in letting her bf shoot the video...u never ever shoot ur pirvate life ..and on top of that try to make cd of it....these 2 were dumb enough to do they be it...whats sad abt it...that girl was no saint nor was her bf...

  5. Who told them to shot their private moments.... And on top of that they tried to make a CD of that video.... wat a brilliant IDEA... her BF is a culprit..

  6. As per wikipedia this scandal took place during 2001. At the time people particularly indian girls were not aware of this much pressure that will happen through internet